OMG! Wedding Kits now Available

I think most of you know that I like to have projects to work on and keep things interesting. Well, over the past few months I took some time to develop a fun idea into a super-helpful product. After photographing more than 100 weddings, I’ve seen firsthand the things that brides forget or need in a pinch. So I developed this cute little kit that you can take along on your wedding day and be totally covered. Best of all, it’s tiny at 6×6 inches and will easily tuck into your bag for wedding emergencies.

OMG! Wedding Kits

Each “For the Bride” kit contains: Band-aids, white chalk (for masking stains on white cloth), a mini lint-roller, breath mints, fashion tape, bobby pins, needles and thread, tissues, blister bandages, safety pins, pain reliever, stain remover, clear nail polish, scissors, chocolate (the good kind — I promise!) and emery boards.

They sell for a cool $30, including shipping. I think you probably need one. So go pick one up!

Of course, these little guys would make a really fantastic gift for the bride-to-be in your life. For Christmas, for her shower, just because.


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