Fun Facts: Megan Clark of Hi, Friend Design

We’re back with another fantastic personality that happens to be a wedding vendor. Of course she’s awesome, so we’ve covered that. But let’s learn a little more about Megan Clark, one of the brilliant minds behind the fab stationery at Hi, Friend┬áDesign.

Megan Clark Interview

Fun Fact #1: Megan grew up in South Dakota. She says that for fun, they used to do things like push hay bales around. Classic.

Fun Fact #2: She loves great danes. She had one named Mandy for three years.

Fun Fact #3: Megan didn’t go to Disneyland until she was 19 years old, and she totally hated it. Stressful and chaotic, she remembers, although says she’d probably like it more if she went back now.

And a little tidbit about stationery? Megan designed her own wedding invitations in excruciating detail, hand illustrating their wedding venue and she and her husband into the art and printing them using thermography. So fancy!

Megan’s a major overachiever — she’s got three businesses. Check them all out: Hi, Friend Design, Clark & Co. & The Exceptional Creative. Go, Megan, go!

Megan Clark Interview