Show me your mug.

You guys know the conundrum: You want to put your best face forward and make an impression on your Web site, Facebook profile, Twitter account etc. But do you actually have a current, fantastic photo you can use to communicate to the world who you are and what you do? I think very few people actually do.

Enter my new side project: I’m offering contemporary business portraits for think-outside-the-box professionals. That means graduate students, small business owners, people in creative fields and more traditional ones. For all of you who make your first impression on the Internet, it’s time to get a fantastic photo of yourself.

I’m nice, I try to be funny and my camera doesn’t bite. If you make a weird face, I promise to delete the photo forever and not tell a soul. Sessions are easy, very quick (20 minutes) and reasonably priced. You get 10-15 fully edited images in a digital format and all the rights to use them online, in print and on billboards. All for 200 bucks.

Visit my business portraits site to find out more and to get an appointment on the calendar!

Pictured above, from top: Allison McCormick, Erin McGovney, Reece Marshburn & Karen Stott.

  1. Jenna

    You did it! Yahoo!

  2. Sara! so fun! hey is that your pink chair in the last set?

  3. Thanks, friend! Nope, that chair isn’t mine — it’s Karen’s. Isn’t it fabulous? She said I could borrow it anytime, so if you’re looking to, you could always ask her!

  4. Doesn’t Sara do such a fabulous job! Thanks again for doing those…I totally love them…
    And Deyla…you are welcome to use the pink chair anytime…I have 2 of them :)

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